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No More Tracking Hassle

Simmpli provides the tracker feature that enables the management to track each and every activity of a given task. Keeping everything pellucid It lets you know about the progress of each project worked upon by each assigned team member. It tracks the activity of each person working on the project individually as well as the teamwork progress. Simmpli Tracker helps determine the speed at which a particular project is progressing.

Managing The Deadlines

Working as an all in one management tool, Simmpli provides a timeline feature for employees to work on their deadlines. The timeline can be preset or can be customized by the employee as per the project requirement. Meeting your deadlines as per the timeline ranks you as high, on the leaderboard, as your efficiency.

Simmpli timeline also assists you to preset your future goals. You can set your milestones in advance and also see your incomplete and pending targets. Simmpli’s timeline feature assists the management to track employees’ work progress by receiving their work report at the day.

Managing The Hardware

Anything valuable to your organization is an asset. When you have quick ease of access to vital information about all the assets you can streamline the way you work. Simmpli being inclusive of all the essential work management tools also provides you the most flexible and customizable system for tracking and managing your assets. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle, from the time of its acquisition to scrapping. The Simmpli asset management tool enables you to track the organizational assets such as where are the assets located, who is using them and how? It also enables you to record the details of the assets that further helps in the allocation and tracking.

The Organizational Chatroom

Simmpli, working as an all in one management tool also comes up with Simmpli Chat. Simmpli Chat is an organizational platform that enables the employees to connect with each other through text messages, images, links, etc. whatever necessary, from anywhere, even when working from home. Once you send a message the delivery is indicated by double ticks that appear on the right-hand side of each delivered message. Also, the double ticks turn blue, to indicate that the message has been read. Simmpli Chat also enables you to create groups for communicating with your project team.

Detailed Work View

Simmpli enables you to establish a strong work bond with your co-mates. It provides a work history feature which keeps a track of each of your team members’ per 10 minutes progress. Simmpli keeps a count of each keypress and mouse click done in approximately every 10 minutes. With these, not peeking into the personal titbits, Simmpli also records snapshots of the computer screens of all the teammates approximately every 10 minutes.

Simmpli stores all the data in a well-organized way to make it accessible to the higher management. It makes all the progress related data available to the higher authorities at just a click.

Establish a Trust Bond

Corps is a tool from Simmpli that assists the managerial authorities of an organization to maintain detailed records of the employees. They can access it randomly with just a few clicks. Corps feature is inclusive of all the information of an employee, ranging from work tracking to work progress and to an employee’s personal details.

It contains a detailed format of all the employee-related information and their progress in the organization in a well-organized way by dividing it under various subcategories.

Healthy Customer Bonds

Having a powerful CRM tool in your arsenal is essential for the success of your team. Simmpli also provides a CRM tool designed to help you better connect with your customers. The inbuilt CRM feature of Simmpli helps you to manage Leads and deals by getting them straight into respective pipelines constantly from various sources. It also assists you in tracking communications by tracking the calls emails and contact history.

With its easy-to-use and well-designed interface, Simmpli keeps you organized and on track! Our Customer Relationship Management tool is inclusive of rich visual indicators on pipelines to lead your actions accordingly.

Boosting the overall Productivity

Ease each of your management efforts with Simmpli. Also contributing as an HR Cloud, Simmpli provides a Leave Management Tool that lets you take charge of the leave management process and automate it. The Leave Management Tool assists you to eliminate paperwork and adopt a straightforward approach to handle leave requests.

The leave management tool provides a click away option to the employees to apply for the leaves directly on Simmpli. It also enables them to check their leave status knowing if the leaves are approved, rejected or canceled. Simmpli’s easy to customize leave management tool consolidates the leave and holiday information for ease of access and boosts the productivity of the overall organization.

Simmpli for Socialites

Simmpli social works just like any other social media website but “in-office”. It enables you to share posts on the feed just like any other social network. You can share your thoughts in various forms. You can like and comment on updates that other colleagues share. You can upload images, videos, thoughts in the form of texts with everyone in the organization. It also includes a panel that displays upcoming events such as festive leaves, or birthdays and work anniversaries of employees. It has a leader board that ranks each colleague as per their performance.

Easing the Assesment

Simmpli provides a work report feature which assists the management to track the work progress of all the employees. After achieving the milestones and meeting the deadlines, the employees send their day-long work reports. The reports are received by the respective managers who then evaluate their work progress. Sharing the work report enables the managers to have work faith in the employees while on the other side it inculcates a sense of responsibility in every Individual of the organization.

Trace your progress with each step

The Simmpli Tracker enables you to trace each and every activity of a given project.

Trace your progress with each step

The Simmpli Tracker enables you to trace each and every activity of a given project.

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Work Report

Work History

Simmpli, a complete workspace support

Simmpli works as an all in one management tool providing every workspace support at one place, ranging from a timeline to a kanban board, and from an in-house social media to Simmpli chat.

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