Because work-force is the pivotal asset of a company!

Significant role of an HR personnel to maintain collaboration in the organisation which adopts remote work culture.

Managing remote teams is a tough rope to hoe for the human resource personnel. This is a significant role of an HR personnel to maintain collaboration in the organisation which adopts remote work culture. There are certain cases when employees need to either work from home or remote locations due to multiple branches of an organization. Especially in the IT sector remote work culture is run-of-the-mill since the businesses are expanding  across the globe.

It is a core function of human resource personnel to manage the team efficiently to maintain coordination and ensure symbiotic relationships. Work from home would not be a productive session for an organization if proper vigilance isn’t ensured. If there is lack of team management, an organization can have a business downfall.

Maximising the current potential:

 Andrew Carnegie mentioned "Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

If teams are working from remote locations, either due to nature of business or the need of any specific times, there arises an emergence of a tool through which all the employees can be managed efficiently. Effective remote team working, is the object of the exercise, so should be strategized in a way that would crown the session with success.There should be a platform using which the human resource department in an organisation can lay eyes on the several aspects like working hours of employees, log-in & log-out timings, and can also put in tune the team members. Also, there is no need for special application for the purpose of handling leaves of employees. Leaves can easily be applied  and processed from  a single application. 

So, a tool is to be introduced if an organization is struggling on remote work culture building. Without proper monitoring it would be a difficult task to deal with.

Sow potential seed for Success:

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

– Steve Wynn, Wynn Las Vegas

Employees are the assets who make the company work and grow. So there is an ultimate need to grow continuously in terms of size and profit. It is vitally important to hire the right people otherwise it would be a loss for an organization. It needs great care to handle the candidature from the very beginning of the application till the final result. It can be easily managed using a tool.

Simmpli-HRMS, is a tool which makes the process a cakewalk. One can update a profile on it and then move it in a pipeline depending upon the suitability of the candidature. There are 5 phases, shortlisted, screening rounds, final round and HR round. After qualifying each round respectively, the candidates are being moved to the offered and hired section. 

At every phase of the round, interviewers are assigned and their feedback can be updated after the interview. On the basis of the feedback, candidature  may be moved further or rejected.

To make it a successful regime for human resource personnel, an organization should introduce such an application into their system which will be a pro-active solution to deal with the probable problems associated with remote work culture.